Perverse and Perverted – Networks in Bidding War for Casey’s Story

July 22, 2011

It’s been going on since before the verdict but now the bidding war for Casey Anthony’s story has gone big time with attorneys holed up in pricey New York hotels as they negotiate Casey for her licensing rights. That’s right – network’s don’t pay for interviews so instead they offer lavish treatment and buy the rights to photographs and other family memorabilia; it’s called the licensing rights for everything surrounding her actual tell-all tale. Payola by any other name is still wrong.

Postings in social media on this are colorful ranging from outrage and revulsion to snide comments about the ethics (or lack thereof) involved in even considering buying her story, much less rewarding her. None of this is new. None is shocking. It is what tabloids and quick-books have made fortunes on over the years. The networks should not be blamed – they are selling a product and need to corner an ever shrinking piece of the viewer’s loyalty. Sadly this is being done under the banner of news, but that seems to cause few any pain or difficulty.

Meanwhile – Casey may be in Palm Springs according to some… while cross country her lawyers are no doubt turning up the heat in their bidding war… and the weatherman said it was going to be a scorcher in New York today. No doubt.


2 Responses to “Perverse and Perverted – Networks in Bidding War for Casey’s Story”

  1. charlotte Says:

    For Anthony and the networks and bottom-feeder-members of the public, this is a win-win-win. She gets rich. The networks get even richer. And for those who like swimming in the muck and mire of this kind of story…well, they’ll be as happy as pigs in sunshine. Although pigs would have the good taste to not watch this tripe.

  2. […] years and include free travel, accommodations, gifts and more to secure prominent interviewees. I’ve been critical calling the practice perverse and decrying the practice of raining money for some […]

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