Student Censorship by University of Kentucky


A reporter with the student newspaper at the University of Kentucky was barred from a news media event with basketball players. DeWayne Peevy, an associate athletics director, told The Lexington Herald-Leader that the newspaper’s basketball writer, Aaron Smith, broke an unwritten policy barring reporters from interviewing student-athletes without first going through media relations.

Oh sure – those students journalists… student athletes can’t speak with student journalists but the rest of the media can? And there is logic in this decision? It looks like University censorship. Plain, simple and regrettable.

Author: Peter Shaplen Productions

More than four decades of experience as a journalist, producer, reporter, writer and professor of news, corporate production, crisis management.

One thought on “Student Censorship by University of Kentucky”

  1. Sadly many staff and faculty at university’s view students as children. On a number of occasions I have had people look me straight in the eye and tell me college students are unable to make adult decisions.

    As a 36 year old college student who has worked in government and homeless services, I can say that I am offended by these attitudes. Especially when the people that are saying these things are younger than I am.

    At the school I attend we have a lot of older students. Some of them are even war heroes who have survived Iraq and Afghanistan. To disrespect them by calling them children is unbelievable to me.

    When I was younger I was a staff member on 2 community college newspapers. While working at one, the other was shut down by it’s school. It was closed because it had published an article critical of the school’s president. All of the papers files were destroyed, including all of it’s back issues, dating back nearly 20 years.

    No matter what the US Supreme Court says, schools still feel they have the right to censor students right to free speech. And Congress will not step in and give student journalists the rights all American’s are guaranteed.

    Some school’s don’t even allow their students to have newspapers or even student body governments.

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