Short sighted and unfortunate

Apparently there is a trend among Human Resources people to discriminate against the unemployed.  According to a CNN Money Looking for Word? Unemployed need not apply companies have quietly started to use a filter in their hiring practices. Swamped by job applicants and needing to create criteria to sort through the mass of applications, some companies have quietly instituted a policy to discard resumes from all those applicants who are currently unemployed. When challenged, some companies immediately do an about-face and distance themselves from the discriminatory practice – whether out of embarrassment or true regret isn’t quite clear. The point is that such policies are discriminatory. They are short-sighted. They work to negate any advantage of job training programs. If permitted they would create a perpetual unemployed class – a seething, frustrated mass of qualified men and women who would be thwarted from any kind of economic future.
It makes one wonder – where and on what level – did any company even think this was a “good idea” and how, pray tell, did they sell it to the higher-ups in the company.
It makes one wonder.

Author: Peter Shaplen Productions

More than four decades of experience as a journalist, producer, reporter, writer and professor of news, corporate production, crisis management.

One thought on “Short sighted and unfortunate”

  1. This really is extraordinary and yes, dangerous. Thanks for pointing it out.

    It’s the equivalent of class prejudice which is rampant here in Peru. A “class” is created by individual and growing discriminatory actions which others are allowed to perpetuate on a definable sector of the population.

    Many, many poor will spend money on clothes for themselves here instead of education for their kids, so that their poverty is not so evident and they can at least try to escape the discrimination of those with more.

    So now corporations want to carefully discriminate against the unemployed, uh poor, eh? Wonderful. The Third world pokes it’s sad face up again in the US.

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